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A testimonial from Oluchi, Pharmacist, Abuja, Nigeria.

I really believe that actionable knowledge is power and understanding how the brain works, empowers leaders and educators to be the best version of themselves and the result is ‘increased workplace performance and productivity’- Maureen Chiana.


My Strategies consist of Five Key Areas: NeuroREACT:

Rewire your brain for success – awareness of beliefs, mindset, perceptions and impact in the workplace
Emotional Intelligence – managing emotional and mental states for increased performance
Adaptability –  empathy, flexibility through change/leading change
Connect – Increased employee engagement with learners and each other, through more effective communication, feedback and collaboration.
Transform – transformation with behaviour change that boosts productivity, and outcome whilst increasing expectations and profits.


You learn to use brain-based skills to breakthrough mental and emotional limitations, to become serving leaders that lead at a higher conscious level.

You learn to manage your emotional state, so you breakthrough negative thinking patterns to achieve the organizations goals, build resilience & confidence, stay focused to lead at a higher level and achieve higher performance, higher productivity and profitability.  

By using these skills, you will  maximize the value you get from the communication and collaboration of your staff, which is essential to improving the quality of service provided across your institution.

I provide training to healthcare, educational institutions and other industries for executives, leaders and managers. Being transformational focused and results-driven, I design and deliver innovative training that focuses on the individual delegate and their unique learning journey.

I deliver bespoke CPD sessions for staff away days designed to meet your organisation’s specific needs, to improve the quality of care, quality of leadership & management, managing performance, and outcomes for patients, employees and stakeholders.

I work with organisations in the US, UK, Africa, Malaysia and Europe.

I can hold introductory training workshops and provide expert advice to organisations on a variety of related topics.

My programmes range from a half day to 9 months or longer based on your requirements. I could in some cases, suggest a follow up session after one month, or it can be a regular session monthly.


Some of our Programmes include:

How the Brain works and learns – Journey through the different parts of the brain and learn the interdisciplinary of consciousness. Learn the process of rewiring your brain to change your life. Unleash your inner talent by learning how the Brain changes (neuroplasticity) and how habits are formed and how to increase good habits and end bad ones.

David Sousa describes teachers as ‘brain changers’ - Teachers will learn how the brain learns, to enable your practice have a greater impact on students learning. You will learn to train yourself to think, feel and behave, in order to become limitless.

Neuroscience of Leadership – learn the highlights of recent neuroscience research to improve abilities to think more effectively, creatively and collaborate with others by understanding how the brains processes information. A better understanding of the brain and human behaviour can drive organisational effectiveness to a very high level.

Emotional Intelligence in the workplace - Emotional Intelligence is one of the keys to effective leadership and increased performance. Research has now shown that the ability of individuals to understand their own emotions, and those of the people they work with, is the key to better business performance.

Leadership Development - For leader-managers and teams to excel, leadership behaviour and skills are essential to enhance leadership and business performance. Neuroscience is changing the leadership game. Different leadership styles, situationally adapted, are required to take full advantage of the real power of the human resource.The Neuroscience of success course will help you identify and develop your leadership styles and behaviour patterns to suit various situations.

You will learn to use the power of neuroscience to enhance your leadership and business performance by:

Developing a better understanding of behaviours, motivations and individual beliefs
Manage emotions, feelings and behaviours
Replace limiting beliefs with enabling ones
Be more responsive, more adaptable and more innovative

To learn more get in touch: [email protected]


Some of the Training Courses Offered:
  • Empowering Women In Leadership: Maximise Your Strengths, Skills and Success 
  • The Science of Successful Organisational Change - Equipping Leaders to create Change Agility, Interconnectivity and Change Behaviour
  • Become a Great Manager (1-day or 3-days)
  • Leadership and Team Management Skills (2-days)
  • Stress Management – using brain-based Neuroscience understanding to control emotions
  • Life-Work Balance for Optimum Performance
  • Soar Higher - The neuroscience of effective goal setting for Healthcare Professionals   (In-House Training)
  • Leading Through Crisis - Your Blueprint to a Successful Startup  (3-days)
  • Building Intrapreneurship Skills for Leaders and teams
  • From Manager to Leader





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