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Lead to Excel Podcast

Maureen Chiana, host of Lead To Excel Podcast and The Mindsight Online Academy uses insights from neuroscience to help leaders and business owners excel and achieve high performance.

Maureen uses her NeuroLeadership skills to empower you to understand how to Rewire Your Brain for success, see into your blind spot, expand your vision and more effectively influence outcome and exceed expectations.

Would you like to be a high performing leader or business owner with — high emotional intelligence - high confidence - high resilience and build positive relationships?

You can achieve this with no stress or overwhelm.

Maureen has used these techniques to support so many leaders in the healthcare, educational, IT and many other sectors flourish and excel.

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Many conversations that leaders and managers have with employees invokes fear, uncertainty, anxiety and self-doubt, instead of inspiring them to learn, grow, increase motivation and develop a desire to push their limits.

In 'The Mindsight Academy', I use science to help leaders executives, leaders, managers, supervisors, church leaders, educators and healthcare professionals to bridge the gap.

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