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NeuroREACT Leadership Mastery

Using Neuroscience To Achieve High Performing Leadership

This time calls for a new conscious leadership capacity to meet the challenges faced, in a more intentional and strategic way. To develop such a capacity would allow leaders create a workforce of greater possibilities.

Your success as a leader or manager does not depend on What you do or How you do it, but on the Inner workings of your Mind.

Conscious leadership is about integrating your mental and emotional states and collaboratively bringing innovative solutions to the challenging issues of the organization.

Success isn’t possible without changing the behavior of people throughout the organization. But changing behavior is never easy even when it is obvious, that new habits will lead to significant progress.

Leaders and managers that understand the recent breakthroughs in the Neuroscience of leadership can lead and influence mindful change: true transformation must take into account the functionality of the brain, and the ways in which it predisposes people to resist some forms of leadership and accept others.

It is imperative now that to truly be a successful productive organisation calls for looking forward and leaving the past behind.

Most organizations have missed out on the benefits of collaborative working as they find that highly competitive teams are secretly working against each another.

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Maureen uses the power of neuroscience to enhance leadership and business performance to help you create effective startegies to build a team committed to achieve high productivity and improved outcomes.

Maureen uses PRISM Brain Mapping - an online neuroscience-based instrument specially designed to identify behavioural preferecnes, to help you improve your leadership skills, by influencing others, be more resilient, make smarter decisions, improve your relationships and work performance.

The training, consultancy and mentoring offered is full of information and ideas that will provoke deep reflection, passionate motivation, growth, sustained progress and elevation that will enable you achieve your best success and live your best life.

Transformational Leadership



Rewired for Success

Your quality of results as a leader are determined by the quality of awareness, consciousness and attention that you operate from.

  • Develop a Growth Mindset
  • Rethink Your Thinking - Breakthrough Limiting and Deceptive Thoughts
  • Make conscious decisions
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Focus is power

Emotional Intelligence and Control

Unleashing the power in your staff - their knowledge, motivation and experience to achieve high outcomes. Learn how to cope with stress and build resilience in the workplace. Learn more effective feedback methods because, incentive and threat (the carrot and the stick) rarely works. Learn to mange expectations effectively as people’s preconceptions have a significant impact on what they perceive.



Help your organisation to be more flexible in the face of challenges and change. Turn the uncertainty of change into opportunities to learn and grow by developing a Growth Mindset organization culture.



The neuroscience of more effective and productive relationships. Foster stronger interconnections in your organization, using knowledge of social neuroscience to develop more effective collaborations with a deeper sense of relatedness to each other.


Transform and Excel

Ability to balance personal drive to achieve with the needs and goals of your organisation. Achieving the standard of excellence by learning to do things better with the result of been a high performing leader.

Achievement focus + reprogrammed Brian + emotional control + GRIT

Training programmes can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Time Frame - One to two hours, half day to 3 days (the days are usually separated out to have time to practice the new skills and tools) learning experiences, addressing any aspect of developing self and others, collaboration, Neuroscience of high performance leadership.

Brain Based Coaching for Managers


We also offer Neuro-Leadership training for Female Leaders and Church Leaders.

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