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“Ready to Rewire your brain and Become Limitless”
Maureen Chiana – Transformational, Educational & Keynote Speaker
Using Science Insights to Empower Entrepreneurs & Educators To Achieve Unprecedented Success, Growth and Happiness!
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Change your Mindset and Become Limitless!

My vision is to inspire and enable positve personal and social change, by leveraging on Neuroscience insights that helps to develop the mindset and behaviours of Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

This in turn, delivers growth in revenue, profitability and economic impact by the creation of more Resilient, Action-Led, Focused High-Performing and Emotionally Intelligent Leaders.

Overview of programs and courses

Topics of Expertise:

1. Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership: Uncover the EI strategies that can revolutionize your leadership style.
2. The Neuroscience of Peak Performance: Explore the brain-based techniques that can help you and your team excel.Emotional Intelligence
3. Invisible to Influential: Unveil the secrets to increasing your visibility and influence within your organization and beyond.
4. Communicate Your Brand with Intention: Master the art of intentional brand communication to resonate with your intended audience.
5. Wired to Win: Mastering the Science of Decoding Minds: Decode the human psyche using scientific insights to win at leadership and life.
6Empowering Christian Women in the Workplace: Experience a powerful synthesis of science and scripture aimed at lifting up faith-driven female leaders.
7. The Brain-Mind-Body Connection: Understand how your brain functions under pressure and discover strategies for resilient decision-making.


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