Neuro-Leadership & Resilience Trainer, Speaker, Neuro-Success Coach & Mentor and Keynote Speaker.
Rewire Your Brain and Become Limitless!
About Maureen:

Empowering Leaders through NeuroLeadership and Emotional Intelligence - #RewireYourBrain

Maureen is a transformative NeuroLeadership Facilitator, High-Performance Coach, and the visionary CEO and founder of The Mindsight Academy. She is also the engaging host of the Lead To Excel Podcast. With a rich blend of expertise in NeuroCoaching, Corporate Consulting, Emotional Intelligence, and Neuroscience, Maureen has established herself as an award-winning speaker and a thought leader in her field.

Bridging Science and Leadership:

Maureen's distinctive approach lies in her innovative use of Performance Enhancement Treatment (PET) to rewire the brains of leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs for optimum performance. Leveraging cutting-edge neuroscience insights, she empowers a diverse clientele—ranging from female founders to senior executives—to transform the way they lead, work, and live. Her framework zeroes in on the brain, the human Central Processing Unit, to equip leaders with the tools to make effective decisions, especially under pressure.

A Multi-Faceted Approach:

In a complex, ever-changing world, Maureen brings a unique blend of scientific rigor and emotional depth. Her philosophy is rooted in the principle that high performance, productivity, and team engagement can be achieved through developing high emotional intelligence, replacing limiting beliefs with enabling ones, understanding behavior preferences, and fostering adaptability, innovation, and resilience. Her methods make the brain work smarter, enabling her clients to become conscious, influential, and inspirational leaders.

Global Impact and Expertise:

Maureen's influence stretches across the globe, from the UK and the US to Dubai, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and Africa. She has worked with esteemed organizations such as the National Health Service (NHS) UK, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Siemens Healthineers, PPD, and BD. As an adept Transformational Trainer, Speaker, and Mentor, Maureen's presentations, infused with down-to-earth humor and powerful insights, are nothing short of legendary.




Breaking Mental Barriers:

One of Maureen's signature strengths is her ability to help clients shatter mental, emotional, and confidence blocks by overcoming limiting beliefs, distorted perceptions, and unconscious biases. She provides a systematic approach that enables immediate action and sustained results.

Empowering Faith-Driven Female Leaders:

Maureen is particularly passionate about empowering Christian women by bridging the gap between science and scripture. She fosters a nurturing environment that catalyzes both personal and professional growth, enabling individuals to thrive and lead limitless lives aligned with spiritual and scientific insights.

Experienced and Diverse:

With a background in senior leadership and management across various sectors, including Education, IT, and Hospitality, Maureen has also contributed to multiple medical research projects over the years. Her guiding belief is that understanding the intricate workings of the brain enables us to navigate any challenge and obstacle we encounter effectively.

Leisure and Well-Being:

In her spare time, Maureen enjoys spa days, reading, traveling, and retreats, complemented by a spiritual practice of prayer and meditation.

Your Window to a Limitless Life:

Through her workshops, courses, retreats, and coaching programs, Maureen offers a compelling exploration into the intricate brain-mind-body connection, transforming complex scientific theories into actionable, easily understood applications.

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Be a Conscious Leader - Become Limitless!
I will equip, empower and help you to make positive behaviour changes to unblock your inner capabilities, so you can maximise your potentials - which enables you live on purpose, build positive relationships, increase your work performance, achievement and fulfilment.
I believe that once you understand the power that you have to control your brain, you gain the freedom to impact your life, career, family and the world.
This is your time to soar high and be the best version of yourself!

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