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Rewire Your Brain and Become Limitless!

Helping Leaders & Organisations Drive Behaviour Change With Brain Science & Emotional Intelligence:

Emerging science of the brain shows that changing your brain does change your life! For many years, it was believed that the brain was ‘hard-wired’, but it has now been discovered, that the brain is indeed “soft-wired” by your experiences. This has led to the concept of ‘Neuroplasticity’. This means that you can build new brain connections and reprogram your brain to improve everything from your mood, feelings, habits, relationships and experiences.

This new insight means that you can now understand how habits are formed and how to increase good habits and end the negative and non beneficial ones.

Understanding how to live with the 'Brain in Mind' is a pivotal way to strengthen your mind and achieve an exceptional quality of leadership skills in both your personal and professional life.

The ‘NeuroREACT Leadership Mastery’, uses the latest in brain-based science to help you gain a robust understanding of the brain and become experts at bringing out the best performance in others.

You gain skills which enable and empower you, to become highly Emotional Intelliegent, with the ability to be adaptable, innovative, an open-minded learner, change behaviour and become a change agile leader.


This time calls for a new conscious leadership capability to meet the challenges faced, in a more intentional and strategic way. Developing such capability would allow leaders create a workforce of greater possibilities.
Your success as a leader or manager does not depend on - ‘what you do or How you do it’, but on the Inner workings of your Mind.
Conscious Leadership is about integrating your mental and emotional states and collaboratively bringing innovative solutions to the challenging issues of the organization.
Success isn’t possible without changing the behaviour of people throughout the organization. But changing behaviour is never easy even when it is obvious, that new habits will lead to significant progress.
Leaders and managers that understand the recent breakthroughs in the Neuroscience of leadership can lead and influence mindful change: true transformation must take into account the functionality of the brain, and the ways in which it predisposes people to resist some forms of leadership and accept others.
Supporting you with virtual and online training options during these challenging times.
Are you an executive or leader that is struggling to:
- lead your team through uncertainty and change
- inspire and motivate yourself & others to achieve company goals and desired results
- manage team anxiety and diminish stress levels
- create team agility and team engagement
The Mindsight Academy has a unique expertise in leveraging on brain-science to equip leaders to create a culture of creativity, resilience, mental well-being and collaboration.
Creating leaders who are able to connect with their people, build a great team that can withstand the economic shocks of any market, excel, thrive and not just manage stress but use it to your advantage.
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The Mindsight Academy

Our focus is to transform your managers into “Agile Conscious Leaders of Change and High Performance”

By developing mental resilience, self-awareness, bilateral communication skills, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, collaboration, insights and neuro-coaching, your executives, leaders and managers will be equipped and inspired to lead others to peak performance.

As a result of the pandemic, leaders must:

- Reframe your thinking and see new opportunities where you thought there were none.

- Develop a mindset that sees opportunities, where before only constraints were visible.

- Be confident to reshape industry conditions in your favour.

- Focus on serving your people and customers rather focusing on your competition

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